January 28, 2013

CNAS Experts: Questions for Secretary of Defense Designate Chuck Hagel

On January 31, the Senate will hold
confirmation hearings for former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to be President
Obama's third secretary of defense. Hagel's hearing comes at a time of
strategic and budgetary uncertainty for the United States and for the Pentagon
in particular. In the memo The
Future of U.S. Defense Policy: Questions for Secretary of Defense Designate
Chuck Hagel
, CNAS experts Shawn Brimley, Phillip
Carter and Jacob Stokes suggest several possible areas for senators to

  1. Use of Force
  2. Iran
  3. Defense Policy Priorities
  4. Asia
  5. Afghanistan
  6. DOD's Role in U.S. Counterterrorism Operations
  7. Health of the All-Volunteer Force

    Download the full memo here.



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