May 05, 2016

CNAS Launches Drones.CNAS.Org Website


Washington, May 5 – The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) has launched a new website, Proliferated Drones at, designed to serve as a one-stop resource for policymakers who want to gain a better understanding of how drones affect warfare, how they work, what nations around the world think of them, and how nations use them. The website will be continuously updated with new content exploring the challenges of drone proliferation and global perspectives on drone use.

The website will have all of the tools necessary for policy analysts to gain expertise on drones and how they are used. Elements of the website include:

  • A primer on what drones are and how they work, from hobbyist to stealth military combat drones.
  • A series of papers from drone experts around the world on how their countries use drones and see drones being used in the future.
  • An overview of capabilities of many of the most common types of drones.
  • A discussion of how drones change conflict now and in the future.
  • An interactive survey though which readers offer their opinions.
  • A database of drones operated across the globe.

The website is a part of CNAS’ Proliferated Drones Project, led by Paul Scharre, Director of CNAS’ 20YY Future of Warfare Initiative, and Ben FitzGerald, Director of CNAS’ Technology and National Security Program. It is designed to examine the implications of drone proliferation and identify the core issues facing the United States and its partners. The project analyzes the technology available to state and non-state actors, potential uses of that technology, and political and strategic implications of those uses. The project will result in recommendations and policy options for how to address the challenges associated with the expanding use of drones.
Scharre and FitzGerald are available for interviews regarding the website. To arrange one, please contact Neal Urwitz at or 202-457-9409.