December 14, 2023

CNAS Launches New Effort on Indo-Pacific Cybersecurity with Ambassador Nathaniel C. Fick

Washington, December 14, 2023 — The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) announces the launch of a new research effort that will assess the state of cybersecurity in the Indo-Pacific, as well as the evolving threat of cyberattacks, including from China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Russia. Through a series of regional workshops and commentaries, CNAS will assess U.S. diplomatic engagement around cybersecurity in key Indo-Pacific countries and identify gaps and opportunities to enhance cooperation.

To formally launch the effort, CNAS hosted a private, virtual fireside chat on cybersecurity in the Indo-Pacific region with U.S. Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy Nathaniel C. Fick.

“Stronger cybersecurity is essential to deeper U.S. engagement in the Indo-Pacific,” said Ambassador Fick. “As we work with regional partners and allies to harness the benefits of the digital economy and deepen bilateral cooperation, the Department of State has made it a priority to work collaboratively on initiatives to secure cyberspace and defend against common cyber threats to data, consumers, and critical infrastructure. I’m grateful to CNAS for launching this research program to shine a light on this vital but often overlooked challenge.”

“Cybersecurity is a critical but underappreciated barrier to deeper U.S. engagement in the Indo-Pacific,” said Vivek Chilukuri, CNAS Senior Fellow and Program Director of the Technology and National Security Program. “U.S. military, intelligence, and business partnerships in the Indo-Pacific can advance only so far as there is confidence in the security of data and information flows. Today, CNAS is pleased to announce a new research initiative that will assess the state of cybersecurity threats, best practices, partnerships, and opportunities across the Indo-Pacific, and we are deeply grateful to Ambassador Fick for joining us this morning to launch the effort.”

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