July 26, 2011

Dr. Margaret Harrell Joins CNAS as Director of the Joining Forces Initiative

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is pleased to announce that Dr. Margaret Harrell, military personnel and families expert, has joined CNAS as Senior Fellow and Director of the Joining Forces Initiative.

Dr. Harrell previously led research addressing military manpower and personnel, the promotion and development of military officers, and the resiliency of military families at the RAND Corporation. She brings to CNAS a deep understanding of the issues affecting current service members, veterans and military families, and the importance of military wellness as a critical national security issue.

Dr. Harrell will lead CNAS' research on military wellness, which it has been conducting since 2008. She will also lead the Center's engagement with the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative, a comprehensive national initiative to provide opportunities and support to U.S. service members, veterans and their families. Through conducting analytical research, providing policy recommendations, and convening government agencies, individuals, and corporations from a variety of sectors, Dr. Harrell will lead CNAS' efforts to make a long-term effect on how America cares for its military and veteran communities.

“We are honored that Meg has joined CNAS and are enthusiastic about the vast expertise she brings in the area of military personnel and families,” said Nathaniel Fick, CNAS Chief Executive Officer. “In the era of the all-volunteer force, this is a national security issue, and Meg's work makes a major contribution to thinking about military wellness and its long-term influence on the force and on our society.”

Dr. Harrell has published over fifty monographs, journal articles and book chapters. She has presented her research findings to audiences including senior leaders from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps as well as senior officials from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Congressional members and staff.  She has also briefed international audiences, spoken extensively at conferences and lectured at the United States Military Academy.  Dr. Harrell’s research has been reported by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, National Journal, Time Magazine, Army Times, USA Today, The Miami Herald, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Government Executive, NPR, BBC, AP, and Reuters.