July 28, 2022

New CNAS Report: "Regenerate: Biotechnology and U.S. Industrial Policy"

By Ryan Fedasiuk

Washington, July 28, 2022—Today, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released a new report, "Regenerate: Biotechnology and U.S. Industrial Policy," from author Ryan Fedasiuk, adjunct fellow with the Technology and National Security Program.

The report measures the health and outlook of the U.S. synthetic biology industry and broader bioeconomy by examining U.S. access to four key drivers of bioeconomic growth: equipment, personnel, information, and capital.

The report concludes that the United States still possesses an advantage in each of these fields—but that, absent a proactive strategy to ensure resource access, and without a significant infusion of capital, the U.S. bioeconomy risks languishing behind competitors such as China in the decades ahead.

"Regenerate" is published as part of the U.S. National Industrial Policy Strategy project at CNAS, and builds on analysis and insights from the previous CNAS publication, "Reboot: Framework for a New American Industrial Policy." The project is developing an intellectual framework for industrial policy in the American context, in an era of strategic competition with technology at its center. The goal of the project is to pave the way for enhanced and sustained American economic competitiveness and technological leadership.

For more information or to schedule an interview with the report author, please contact Cameron Edinburgh at cedinburgh@cnas.org

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  • Ryan Fedasiuk

    Adjunct Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Ryan Fedasiuk is an Adjunct Fellow (on leave) at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). He currently serves as a China Technology Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department...