March 15, 2023

Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.-ROK Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies

Washington, March 15, 2023—Today, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released a new report, "Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.-ROK Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies," from authors Jacob Stokes and Joshua Fitt.

The report examines the future of the U.S.-ROK alliance in a dynamic moment marked by enormous security challenges as well as some new cooperation opportunities. Specifically, the report focuses on three areas that have been relatively understudied by policy and academic communities:

  1. Coordination on China. The report explores how the allies are responding individually and jointly to challenges posed by China.
  2. Alignment in minilateral and multilateral settings. The report maps the agenda for alliance cooperation in minilateral and multilateral forums, particularly as South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol seeks to transform his country into a “global pivotal state.”
  3. Defense technology collaboration. The report assesses the potential for joint efforts related to technology with military and security applications, building on earlier CNAS work on cooperation on civilian technologies.

"As the U.S.-ROK alliance turns 70, both Washington and Seoul have emerged from a period of turbulence with an understanding that the pact is as vital as ever," write the authors. "The current moment marks the beginning of a new chapter in the alliance—one that could be characterized either by seizing the opportunities at hand or by forfeiting chances to achieve shared objectives. Working together on policy toward China, on minilateral and multilateral initiatives, and on military and security technologies will be essential for maximizing the promise of the alliance in the coming years. As threats emanating from Pyongyang, Beijing, and Moscow mount, the United States and South Korea must rise to the occasion and work in unison for the sake of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, in the Indo-Pacific, and across the globe."

The report concludes with several actionable recommendations for U.S. and ROK policymakers. Read the full report for these policy recommendations and more.

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Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.–South Korea Alliance Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies

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