January 05, 2010

2010 Wish List

Most everyone else has published a wish list for 2010. Why shouldn’t we?

Some on this list are more realistic than others, of course. The fun part of it is that we here at CNAS and the Natural Security Program can contribute to some of these items, and a few of them are pet interests of mine that I just haven’t written much about. We pledge to you that we’ll focus a bit more on these items on this blog, and look forward to contributions from our pals in this field as well. In no particular order:

  1. Successful follow-up from the MEAT (i.e., fewer troops lost to attacks on fuel convoys than in previous years).
  2. A more prosperous America – the foundation of security.
  3. Greater overall attention to nuclear energy, but less attention that discusses energy while ignoring proliferation concerns.
  4. Reduction in U.S. greenhouse gases from 2009, by whatever means.
  5. Deeper work on the relationships among land use, climate change and security.
  6. What Geoff said.
  7. Greater visibility on minerals supply chains.  
  8. More feedback from Natural Security Blog readers! Your feedback is invaluable: please keep commenting on the blog below, or hit us on Facebook or Christine/Will on Twitter.

Thanks to Mike & Will for their contributions to the list. Here’s to a good 2010!