October 13, 2009


When I heard that my erstwhile drinking buddy and fulltime boss, Nate Fick, had been named one of GQ's 50 most powerful people in Washington, I responded with the understated and sophisticated wit this readership has come to expect from me. Which is to say that I crudely photoshopped Nate's face onto an old GQ cover that originally had a bikini'd Rachel Bilson on it and put it up in the CNAS kitchen. And in the copy room. And in Nate's office. And on the door to his office. And emailed it to his in-laws.

And I think Nate mentioned me in his sexy defense policy interview in order to persuade me not to post that photoshopped GQ cover on the blog.

Well, between that carrot and the stick of me not having a job tomorrow morning, it worked.* You escape this time, Nate.

*Nate has actually threatened to fire me once already this pay period, the first being after I discovered the templates for the name plates in our offices and had some fun. "The RZA" does not, in fact, have an office at CNAS. (He is an intern at CSIS.)