February 16, 2010

A CT Reading List? [Open Thread]

Okay, you all know about the famous Abu Muqawama Counterinsurgency Reading List. But a reader wrote in asking whether or not we might consider posting a reading list on counter-terrorism. That sounds like a fun project, actually, for the readership. So for the next few days, leave your suggestions in the comments. Books, academic articles and journalistic articles are all welcome, as are other media -- movies, documentaries, etc.

By the way... I have no informed comment on the capture of Mullah Baradar other than to say that it might be hugely important -- not necessarily from the perspective of the QST's senior leadership but from the perspective of U.S.-Pakistani relations and the stance of Pakistan's military and security services toward the Taliban. Josh Foust, though, has the best instant analysis I have read thus far.