January 02, 2008

Abu Muqawama assures you all that this book will not be nearly as disappointing as that bungler Colt Brennan was last night

Very rarely does Abu Muqawama recommend a book to his readership without first reading it. That said, Steven Metz's new book, Iraq and the Evolution of American Strategy,is one to which we'll gladly lend some free publicity. Steven Metz has done some of the hardest thinking within U.S. government on counterinsurgency (and is a reader of this blog, it's rumored). Abu Muqawama looks forward to what Metz has to say in this new book. He knows Metz has been skeptical of how much "traditional" counterinsurgency theory (think: David Galula) applies to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and also whether or not a nation-state like the USA can ever defeat an organized insurgency. This book should offer, then, plenty of food for thought for readers of this blog.

Anyway, check out Small Wars Journal for a sneak preview. And congratulations, Steve!

Also, was anyone else out there laughing as much as Abu Muqawama as Georgia embarrassed Hawaii last night? Yeah, Carl was right: