March 03, 2009

Abu Muqawama Contest (Updated)

Many thanks to the readership for the great responses to yesterday's RFI. Here's another brain-teaser. I inherited the office at CNAS that last housed Shawn Brimley and Vikram Singh before they left for their important jobs at the Pentagon. But they left behind their nonsensical scribbles on the office whiteboard. Whoever can decipher this gibberish wins an as-yet-to-be-determined prize.Honestly, WTF. I do like the way they wrote "SAVE" at the bottom, though, as in, Man, we are geniuses. Let's publish this!

Hey, but I shouldn't complain. The good news about my new job is that they have allowed me to bring my Lego collection from home.It occurs to me that I might have studied militant groups a bit too long.

Update: Baited! Shawn breaks down and explains his nonsense in the comments section. Thanks, Shawn! (See the 37th comment.)

Update II: Shawn and Vikram have spoken. Bill and Bob (and their excellent adventure) win the prize, an autographed copy of Shawn and Vikram's 2008 Orbis article.