May 08, 2008

Abu Muqawama Couldn't Be Bothered To Come Up With A Clever Title Involving The Word "Fiasco"

How did it escape Abu Muqawama that one of his very favorite military affairs journalists, Tom Ricks, was leaving the Washington Post? (Good luck filling those shoes, jackasses!) We here at Abu Muqawama wish Tom the very best, even if he does talk trash about us from time to time. We assume he will remain a loyal reader of the blog in between rounds of golf with John Nagl.

Update: Ricks writes in.

Thanks for the tip of the turban, but there is a bit less here than meets the eye. I have told the Post for awhile than I plan in the coming years mainly to focus on writing books. But I do expect to maintain some sort of contractual relationship with the newspaper, which has been very good to me.