December 20, 2008

Abu Muqawama for War Czar!

The following is an honest-to-goodness conversation that just took place between me and my mother in her kitchen:

"Mom, do you think gays have the right to be angry with Obama for choosing Rick Warren to give the invocation?"

"I just think people need to let [Obama] reach out to all people and groups in America and to stop insisting he pursue some narrow agenda...

[Several seconds pass.]

...But this crap about not having any Southerners? I'm mad as hell. I gave him money! People from Chattanooga drove to North Carolina to campaign for him! [Mom says "North Carolina" like it's Senegal.] He should appoint someone from the Southeast! I gave him money!"

"Yeah, but who could he appoint? And for what? I mean, there's Harold Ford ... and who else?"

"You! He could appoint you!"

Well! Do you hear that, Transition Team?!

[Note: Like all mothers, Abu Muqawama's has a ridiculously inflated estimation of her son's worth and talents. Which is always charming, if amusing. In my opinion, everyone should have a mother who thinks her 30-year old graduate student son would be a completely rational choice for Secretary of Defense.]