May 14, 2008

Abu Muqawama Hates Golf Anyway

We know some of you are worked up about the fact that President Bush has given up golf so as not to offend some mother who might attend her son's funeral and then see the commander-in-chief out playing 18 holes. But you know, Abu Muqawama doesn't have a problem with this at all. If he were president, he too would be afraid of some mother seeing him out laughing and having a good time while young men and women were getting their teeth kicked in on the streets of Baghdad and in the mountains of Afghanistan. Hell, President Bush probably felt guilty sitting there in Texas watching his daughter get hitched this past weekend, knowing good men and women were sweating a lot harder in crappier places than Texas. Abu Muqawama isn't a fan of the president -- or Texas for that matter -- but he thinks the president deserves a break on this one.