August 26, 2009

Abu Muqawama [Hearts] Blue-Collar Bars in Boston and Every Other City

“The Internet is like closing time at a blue-collar bar in Boston. Everyone’s drunk and ugly and they’re going to pass out in a few minutes.” -- Leon Wieseltier in today's New York Times.

Nothing like a little classism to get my day going! Oh, those plebs and their drinking! The reader who completes the phrase "The New Republic is like ______" with the most amusing line wins a free PBR at Solly's on U Street. You guys should knock this out of the park.

WINNER! As determined by Abu Muqawama's mother, who cares not for your cursing: Joe S. "The New Republic is like etiolated. Not worth even looking up." Joe, email <> and I'll tell you how you can claim your $3 can of PBR.