December 06, 2007

Abu Muqawama, in DC

Abu Muqawama writes this post from Charlie's office.* We're about to head to the Afghanistan event as soon as she's done with a meeting. Abu Muqawama is sick with a wicked head cold and jet-lagged something fierce but quite happy all the same -- Dave over at Small Wars Journal loaded your humble blogger down with free books and DVDs today. Quite the "Welcome Back to America" present. Thanks, Dave! Speaking of free books, Abu Muqawama/Small Wars Journal readers have donated a total of 54 books (44 books + ten copies of FM 3-24) to the Afghanistan COIN Librarythus far. You guys are amazing! (You can still give, here).

*To answer some comments posted in the past 48 hours, Abu Muqawama needs to remind his readers that your two bloggers are not a romantic item. The good news, guys, is that a) Charlie is just as hot as you think she is and b) she's single. On the other hand, she has a lot of friends who are a) trained killers (really) and b) will not think twice about breaking you in half. So, you know, take your chances.