March 10, 2009

Abu Muqawama's Taste in Whiskies

Some clarification is in order. While it is true that I do enjoy Bushmills and actually have a bottle of it here, in my office, I feel the need to identify my very favorite whiskies for the sake of the readership. I like Scotch, bourbon, Tennessee whisky (same as bourbon, but mellowed through charcoal), and Irish whiskey. So I do not discriminate. That said...

  1. Highland Park (18 years): Probably my favorite Scotch that I can afford.
  2. Van Winkle Special Reserve (12 years): My favorite bourbon. I have a bottle of this in my office as well.
  3. The Balvenie 21 Years Old Port Wood: My favorite Scotch that I cannot afford.
  4. Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon: There is nothing wrong with Maker's Mark.
  5. Bushmills Original: There is nothing wrong with Bushmills either.

Now leave me alone. I am a man of simple taste. Once I was at an open-bar party with the restaurant critic for the New York Times, and he was horrified that I was drinking Maker's Mark when I could have been drinking Knob Creek. "But I like Maker's Mark," I said. And that's all anyone needs to say.