October 18, 2007


Abu Muqawama has not had much nice to say about the U.S. Air Force recently, so it's important to note when they get something right. Yesterday, they did:

The Air Force has decided to relieve at least five of its officers of command and is considering filing criminal charges in connection with the Aug. 29 "Bent Spear" incident in which nuclear-armed cruise missiles were mistakenly flown from North Dakota to Louisiana, two senior Air Force officials said yesterday.

Although senior Defense Department officials have not been fully briefed on the results of an Air Force probe of the incident, the sources said that at least one colonel is expected to lose his position and that several enlisted personnel will also be punished as part disciplinary actions that could be among the toughest meted out by the Air Force in years.

The Bush Administration and the rest of the politicos in the Beltway should take this as a lesson in accountability from the U.S. Air Force.