February 27, 2008

Administrative Announcements

1. For those of you based in London, Professor Paul Kennedy will be delivering the King's College London Dept. of War Studies Annual Lecture tonight at 17:30 in the Great Hall, King's College London, Strand Campus. The title of Professor Kennedy's talk is How the War was won. (Which war, you ask? No idea.) Kennedy is wicked smaht, and Abu Muqawama would be there himself if his special lady friend wasn't coming into town tomorrow. He'll be home, then, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Speaking of London, some resident of the N1 -- probably a %$&£ing Arsenal supporter, or maybe Amy Winehouse, writing in under a pseudonym -- has claimed first prize in the John Nagl
Caption Contest. His (or Amy's) prize is a copy of FM 3-24, autographed by John Nagl himself (who had an admirably good sense of humor about our jackassery).

3. Charlie is sick. Wish her a speedy recovery.