March 02, 2008

AM Job Offering

Overweight? Under-trained? Non-branch qualified? Still wondering what will become of your career after that general officer letter of reprimand?

Well, it seems the Army may be looking your way again.

Today, the NY Times announced that the US is looking to send 100 combat advisers to Pakistan.

The United States military is developing a plan to send about 100 American trainers to work with a Pakistani paramilitary force that is the vanguard in the fight against Al Qaeda and other extremist groups in Pakistan’s restive tribal areas, American military officials said.

Wait, didn't a certain general officer just say that we won't have a long term need for mentors? Oh, never mind...

Anyway, now you, high-speed individual, have the opportunity to join another under-resourced mission to assist the Taliban, I mean, Pakistan Frontier Corps. Plans are still not complete. The military still needs to overlap several incomprehensible and parallel chains of command prior to initiating the mission in full--this is a mentor mission after all.

And a site needs to be selected for training; perhaps some piece of Washington state rain forest will be selected to train you for the arid and rugged Pakistani frontier...

Any volunteers?