November 23, 2007

And General Custer Will Give the Response to the State of the Union

Fairly or unfairly, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez will always be remembered as America's incompetent field commander in Iraq -- the lowly three-star thrown into what should have been a four-star position who re-acted too slowly to the growing insurgency in the crucial twelve months between the summers of 2003 and 2004.

It was well-known that Sanchez had a disastrous relationship with the civilian proconsul, Paul Bremer, and also that he never won his fourth star largely because of the Abu Ghraib scandal -- surely America's crowning moment in the short history of its empire.

Anyway, some of you revisionists may disagree with the yoke that's been hung around Sanchez's neck, but like it or not, his name is synonymous with failure. Which is why it makes perfect sense for the Democratic Party to recruit him to deliver this weekend's radio address.

Folks, consider yourself unlucky not to have received Charlie's expletive-laced rant over email this morning. If the Democratic Party's decision to recruit old Blood and Guts Sanchez to deliver the radio address wasn't funny enough, Charlie's email -- once she got past the part where she linked the name of Our Lord and Savior with the kind of language that would make a sailor on leave blush -- was hilarious. Was Tommy Franks busy, she wanted to know? Doug Feith couldn't get a train in from Philly?

Okay, Dems, we all know you're excited a general is speaking out in favor of withdrawal. But that general ain't exactly Helmuth von Moltke the Elder. Sanchez is more like his nephew. So, uh, you guys might want to re-think this one...