March 03, 2008

At War No Longer

More good news from the home front: Network insiders report that CNN has canceled its long-running program The Week at War, CNN's excellent weekly wrap-up of events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Does this mean the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to an end? Hardly. CNN is just ramping up its political coverage, which is a good thing, because if there is one thing the that isn't covered enough in the 24-hour news cycle (other than Britney Spears), is has to be the 2008 presidential campaigns. And who are we to let little things like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq get in way of one more hour in the week dedicated to what recreational drugs Barack Obama might have used when he was 16 or which female lobbyists we cannot confirm John McCain has not slept with?

Disgusting. Of course, we can hardly blame CNN. If there had been more interest from viewers, the show would have stayed on the air.

Posting will be light today from Abu Muqawama's end, by the way. He is currently laid up by the flu and spent the morning navigating the NHS. (With surprising ease.) Back to bed...