September 28, 2009

Atone, Crazy People

It's a little odd being in Jerusalem on Yom Kippur. Because cars are banned from the roads, you can literally walk down deserted four-lane arteries in the middle of the day, which is kinda eerie.

For a long time, this blog has steered clear of all things related to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and that policy is likely to continue. Normal, sane human beings just go full retard when anything related to the Holy Land, Right of Return, Jerusalem, Settlements, etc. are mentioned. Some great examples of this can be found in the comments section of this post, which had nothing to even do with Israel or the Palestinians. But I mentioned that I ate some kunafeh with some friends in Nablus and then went to the beach in Herzliya, and this is what happens. What is wrong with you people?

  1. "For someone who has said previously that they have only spent 8 days in Israel sure seams to be spending a lot of time there. The West Bank may be under Palistinian control but it is still part of Israel. From what I have heard on the news I would not want to go anywhere near the West Bank or any of the Palistinian controlled parts of the region. Hamas has said repeatedly that they would like to wipe Israel of the map. And it's not just Hamas. It's every country in the region particularly Iran. ... So for someone who claims to have held the rank of captain (after obtaining said rank a full 8 months before the law allows) and a U.S citizen why are you spending so much time in a place you've said you've only spent 8 days at? And of the time you've spent in that area why have you spent it with those who seek to destroy America and Israel? Why spend time with those who say America is the "Great Satan" and Israel is the "Little Satan?" Do you not love freedom that you swore an oath to defend? I think you're better suited as a diplomat for Hamas."
  2. "Are Tenneseans allowed to use the "Israeli only" roads in the West Bank? How foul was the stench of American subsidized apartheid?"
  3. "Wondering who "some friends" are. Fatah or Hamas? While you stomp around with Palestinian terrorists, I wonder why it is that you ignore the elephant in the room that is Islamic human nature. Does COIN have its place? Sure. Will it work in countries of people who do not believe in borders, and whose objective (according to the Koran) is to die in jihad? HELL NO!"