April 15, 2008


Abu Muqawama often complains the American Left doesn't pay enough attention to national security issues and often sounds ignorant when trying to talk about them. And left-wing bloggers? Fuhgeddaboudit. The closest any of these kids have gotten to an Army base was when they protested the School of the Americas outside the gates of Fort Benning that one year for spring break.

That said, Faiz Shakir over at ThinkProgress, one of the most staunchly left-wing blogs, gets major kudos for hiring Spencer Ackerman to post on national security issues. Spencer is a friend of the blog and is writing a very good series on the "Rise of the Counterinsurgents" over at the Washington Independent. We suspect his politics also agree with the Center for American Progress, more or less, so it seems like a good match all around. Check out Spencer's new blog here.

Well done, Faiz and Spencer. This is arguably the best thing the Center for American Progress has done since they let Abu Muqawama eat their pizza and drink (a lot of) their beer while watching the State of the Union address last year.

Most of this blog's slightly-right-of-center readership, of course, could care less about left-leaning bloggers. So for you, Abu Muqawama includes this absolutely priceless item from the police blotter back home in Tennessee:

Wallace Grady called police from the Town and Country Inn on E. 23rd Street to report that he picked up a black female named Felicia and agreed to pay her $25 for sex.

But he said Felicia exited the motel room with his money before she carried out her part of the bargain.

Officer Joshua P. May explained to Mr. Grady that picking up a prostitute is against the law.

Mr. Grady then advised that he no longer needed police assistance.