December 29, 2007

Bhutto Assassination Update (29 Dec)

A few key developments in the ongoing coverage of Bhutto's assassination:

This latter point begs the question: if AQ/Taliban elements were involved, why aren't they claiming credit? Is it to their advantage for the majority of Pakistanis to believe Musharraf was either responsible or complicit? Are they afraid of excessive security crackdowns? If this is part of a broader campaign to destabilize Pakistan, as the NYT is reporting, where's the usual kick-ass IO effort?

Two longer pieces worth highlighting:

Both pieces highlight the extent to which Pakistan may no longer be serving as mere safe haven for jihadis in the region, but could now constitute an active front. That has obvious implications for US efforts in Afghanistan, and likely much much more. They dont' call it the Great Game for nothing.

Finally, commenter Danny suggests we take a look at Hassan Abbas' blog. Abbas is a former gov't official in Pakistan and current fellow at the Belfer Center at Harvard. Take a look and report back.

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