May 22, 2009

Biden in Beirut

Joe Biden is in Beirut. Unless, something crazy happens, like Biden waving a Hizballah flag and marching to the Fatima Gate, I stand by what I told Laura Rozen a few days ago about this:

"I think there is probably some realism that March 14 could end up in the minority in the new government," said Andrew Exum, a Lebanon expert and fellow at the Center for a New American Security. "So we're seeing the [Obama] administration trying to reposition itself and talk about investing in institutions in Lebanon -- specifically in the Lebanese armed forces. And I think there is an understanding in the administration that it's going to be a tough sell to Congress and to our friends in Israel why we should invest in the Lebanese armed forces when Hezbollah is in the ruling coalition in Lebanon. Having said that, the election could still go either way and the vice president's trip there much like Secretary of State Clinton's understated visit expressed support for our allies, but not to the degree where we are throwing drafts at the March 8 coalition," which includes Hezbollah.

Uh, I actually said "darts," not drafts. Which makes a lot more sense. I, uh, need to ask Laura to correct this.