April 16, 2008

Chickenhawks Are Now On This Blog's Endangered Species List

In a fit, Abu Muqawama dragged out the "chickenhawk" tag a few weeks ago and promptly apologized. That hasn't stopped our comments section from buzzing with respect to whether or not the term was an unfair slur or a fair point to raise. (The latest discussion took place here.) The consensus, however, is nicely summed up by reader Nathan:

The 'Chickenhawk' tag is a needless distraction to the issue at hand. If a position is wrong, expose it through logic and reason. Resorting to ad hominem personal attacks (often without familiarity with the target's personal circumstances) is pointless and potentially obscurantist.

Now, some of you folks who read this blog and leave comments are certifiably crazy. But the bulk of this blog's readership is quite wise and considerate, and Abu Muqawama thanks you all for the discussion that has taken place. From here on, this blog will no longer tolerate the chickenhawk slander. It's ugly and not in keeping with the spirit of this blog.

We should all strive to keep slurs and slander (and ugly sectarian chanting) off of Abu Muqawama and in their proper place. Which happens to be in Glasgow, tonight.

Now read Londonstani's latest post. Genius.