February 06, 2015

CNAS Experts on the National Security Strategy


This week, CNAS experts discuss the National Security Strategy (NSS) and its value as the nation navigates some of the most challenging security challenges of the decade. The security community agrees that the United States needs a strategy, and CNAS experts argue the effectiveness of the strategy in its current state.

Several op-eds, blog posts, and news coverage, featured quotes and analysis from CNAS experts including:


Views on the National Security Strategy by CNAS Experts

Op-Ed: Don’t Expect Too Much From Obama’s National Security Strategy | Richard Fontaine and Shawn Brimley | Foreign Policy

Op-Ed: The Lowdown on Obama's New National Security Strategy | By Julianne Smith | The National Interest

Op-Ed: Obama's National Security Strategy: A Policy of ‘Sustainment’ | By Jacob Stokes | The National Interest

Blog: What Use is the National Security Strategy? | By Jacob Stokes | CNAS Blog: The Agenda

New White House Strategy Tackles Changed World | Defense News 

Obama's national security strategy: Version 2.0 | Reuters