June 10, 2010

CNASapalooza '10!

I got up at 0315 this morning and am about to head to the Burlington airport in order to be back in Washington, DC in time for the annual CNAS conference, which promises to be pretty awesome. There are lots of good speakers and panelists lined up, but if you cannot attend, fear not: you can follow the webcast live via the interwebs here. And if you are attending the conference and are a regular reader of the blog, do say hello at some point. I promised Gen. Barno I was going to get a haircut this morning once back in DC, but otherwise, I'll be my normal charming self. And I'll be wearing a nametag. Which should make it easier to pick me out. (Sorry, though, despite regular requests from readers, I will not be wearing regimental PT shorts. And neither will Fick be wearing UDT shorts. In both cases, this is a good thing.)