December 12, 2007

COIN Academy Library--UPDATE

Thanks so much to all the readers who have contributed to the COIN Academy Library in Afghanistan. So far, over 75 books have been purchased! And Charlie is told that many have already started arriving in Kabul. Wunderbar! (For those not familiar with the effort, click here or here).

Also, our friends at the Small Wars Journal have updated the "quantity desired" on several items on the reading list. That means many of the more popular (and affordable) titles are once again available for purchase. So if you missed the opening salvo last week, check back now and send the COIN Academy your favorites.

Finally, a word of thanks to the following blogs who've enthusiastically joined our bandwagon:

Kings of War, No Angst Zone, Historicus, Winds of Change, Intel Dump, ZenPundit, MountainRunner, and Blog Them Out of the Stone Age.

Thanks guys, we really appreciate the team effort. Readers, do us a favor and pay them back by clicking through their sites and adding a comment or two to their blogs.

Thanks again!