October 24, 2007

COIN Reading List

A few weeks ago, Abu Muqawama met with a friend in London who was reading Alistair Horne's "A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962.". He -- a reporter whose dispatches from Iraq have been a tremendous resource to this blogger -- told Abu Muqawama he was reading it because of the COIN reading list posted to the right on this blog.

Abu Muqawama penned that reading list relatively quickly when he first set up this blog, and since then, he and Charlie have been thinking about writing up a proper COIN reading list that includes not only the books to the right but also relevant articles (such as Sepp's "Best Practices" and others) and maybe -- gasp! -- a little theory too.

When our schedules relax a bit, we promise to buckle down, write one up, and then post it on the blog. So, stay tuned, and if any of you have suggestions you think we might miss, post a comment before the weekend.


Abu Muqawama