November 30, 1999

Colin's New Job

Colin Kahl -- who, now that he is important, will likely never re-visit his friends on this blog -- is movin' on up:

DoD: Colin Kahl, a professor at GeorgetownUniversity and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, has been tapped to become the deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East. In the position, he will help shape Defense Department policy on Iraq, Iran, and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Spencer Ackerman, meanwhile, has done the hard reporting on Colin's nightlife.

In addition to being a rising Pentagon star, I should add, Kahl is also an acknowledged expert on IDM, and his disdain for so-called “candy-ravers” is well known. It’s a shame that the deputy assistant secretary job isn’t a Senate-confirmable position, because I’d like to hear him provide a for-the-record taxonomy on the differences between trance and ambient. Any true counterinsurgent would recognize the value of drawing such distinctions.

I don't know WTF Spencer is talking about, so any help from the readership would be appreciated.