January 03, 2008


afghanistanica, the world's leading authority on counter-snowball-insurgency (COSBIN), has this great video up on his blog. Bored and cold U.S. soldiers pick a snowball fight with passing Afghans. Jackassery ensues.

And while we're shamelessly stealing copy from other blogs, we should also make you read this hilarious entry on the world's worst dissertations on Afghanistan:

  • “Osama bin Laden and the United States conflict : have either responded appropriately?”
  • Author: Reyman Snyder, Lynda M.
  • Publication: 2001
  • Dissertation: Thesis (M.S.)–Troy State University, 2001.

And then three months later someone responded inappropriately.

Eh? What's that? You want something serious on Afghanistan? Fine, here's yesterday's Pentagon briefing, courtesy of SWJ: