May 14, 2009

Counterinsurgency Reading List Updated

For the first time in more than a year, I have updated our famous Counterinsurgency Reading List. Gone is the section on political Islam and Islamist violence, while added are the following titles:

Burgoyne & Marckwardt, The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa
Loup Francart, Maitriser la violence
David Kilcullen, The Accidental Guerrilla
Marston & Malkasian, Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare
Rupert Smith, The Utility of Force

Of the above, I consider The Accidental Guerrillaand The Utility of Forceto be absolute must-reads. I also added Elizabeth Rubin's magazine piece "Battle Company Is Out There."

Thinking of books we forgot was easy. But can anyone think of journal articles that should be included? Films?

Update: Some really good suggestions in the comments. I am adding a (new) article by Frank Hoffman (.pdf), another by Bob Bateman, and another by Dave Kilcullen. I would add others, but I want to have actually read these books and articles before I add them to the list. Seems reasonable, no?

Update II: Callwell's Small Wars has been added. And while I do not find as much to admire in it as Gian, there was certainly no population-centric conspiracy to keep it off the list! I confess, many other suggestions in the comments I have not read.