February 21, 2009

Craig Mullaney Book Launch

I attended the launch party for Craig Mullaney's new book last night chez Nate Fick. To say the gathering was impressive would be an understatement. Forget the Afghanistan and Pakistan review currently taking place in the White House -- you could have sat everyone who was in Nate's living room around in a circle and come up with a pretty good list of policy recommendations for the president. The room was filled with many of this blog's usual suspects -- Charlie, Bob "The" Bateman, Phil Carter -- as well as an eclectic mix of Afghanistan and Pakistan experts, former military officers, current military officers, service academy professors, civilian academics, journalists, and policy-makers who worked with Craig on the Obama campaign. I myself will be traveling this weekend -- going to Palo Alto to see Lady Muqawama -- but I want to leave you with some good multi-media on Craig's book, including Episodes One through Three of what will be a five-part serial. Enjoy!

Craig on Charlie Rose with Martha Raddatz, Dexter Filkins, and Milt Bearden: