March 09, 2008

Democratic Republic of Blogistan

No, those aren't the authors of the most amazing COIN blog in all the interwebs. But one of them is the Intrepid Spencer, and his blogging Flophouse is profiled in this week's NYT. This of course prompted Charlie to ponder a House of Abu Muqawama, the absurdity of which (predictably) led her to spit tea all over her keyboard. We can barely coordinate the damn Book Club! (And don't even get Charlie started on how the boys refuse to indent their pull-quotes.) So be glad we can't be bothered to live in the same time zone...our amazing blog chemistry is best preserved by stand-off range.

Update: Indeed. Abu Muqawama here. Several time zones removed from one another, we've been fighting today over when either Kip or Charlie are going to splinter off from the blog and form their own in true guerrilla fashion. What do you think such a blog should be named? Abu Muqawama is partial to the Provisional Abu Muqawama or Islamic Abu Muqawama or Abu Muqawama -- General Command (AM-GC). The Real Abu Muqawama might work as well.

Update II: Check out Spencer's second piece in his series on "the counter-insurgents." At bat: LTG Ray Odierno.