April 05, 2008

Democrats Try to Figure Out Iraq

A big stink has been caused by Eli Lake's article in the New York Sun on CNAS's plan for Iraq, which Abu Muqawama has read and which recommends a sensible policy of "conditional engagement" that would gradually withdraw troops from Iraq in a reasonable, adult-like manner, tying those troop withdrawals in with certain decisions by the Iraqi leadership. Whoever leaked the confidential working document to Eli is, as Marc Lynch rightly points out, an ass -- though Abu Muqawama certainly doesn't blame Eli for publishing his story. Kahl, you see, is an Obama adviser, and this story is being seized as "evidence" the Democrats aren't going to withdraw troops from Iraq as immediately as they say they will.

Well of course they won't. Any president, upon taking office, is going to realize a plan to just start pulling troops out of Iraq without any regard for developments on the ground is both immoral and insane. The CNAS plan represents as moral a withdrawal plan as Abu Muqawama has yet read.

The real danger here is that Hillary Clinton, who has thus far demonstrated a willingness to say and do anything to win the election, will pounce on this story and start a war of words -- some stupid rhetorical contest to see who can pledge to end America's involvement in Iraq quickest.

The winner of that contest will be John McCain. And this is the reason why the Democrats wish their primary season were over right now -- thanks, Hillary! -- because this is a time when campaigns should be taking sensible moves toward the political center. Instead, they still have to pay lip service to the crazy MoveOn base.

Abu Muqawama hates politics.