November 04, 2007

Does the Marine Corps do this to everyone?

Abu Muqawama's cousin just sent out an email to the family describing his experience at U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School as a "right of passage." That would be rite of passage, Jon. And this from a graduate of the London School of Economics! Question: does the Marine Corps make everyone dumb as part of its entry-level training? Do Marine Corps officers have to wait until they're taught by Charlie before they're allowed to be smart again?

In all seriousness, this blogger is terribly proud that his cousin has just four more weeks to go before he officially carries on the family tradition of military service. Those of you who know Abu Muqawama's true identity and wish to send his cousin notes of encouragement should email Abu Muqawama at his personal email address. (Not

Update: Charlie, here. Not to pile on, but Charlie just about pulled her hair out last week trying to get her students to remember any WWI battles that took place in 1916. You know, like Verdun. Or the Somme. (This all in the context of negotiating the Sykes-Picot treaty.) But ask about Belleau Wood and they're all over that sh*t.