February 21, 2008

Double the Petraeus, Double the Fun in the Times of London

You may recall that I said this is going to get harder before it get easier, but that was very, very hard. And there were moments when General Odierno [Commanding Genral of US III Corps] and I would look at each other and say ’When are we going to get to that point? When are we going to cross this?’ It did finally come, although I am not implying that we have turned corners or are seeing lights at the end of the tunnel or are doing victory dances in the end zone because we are doing none of that.

The Times of London has a glowing appreciation of David Petraeus -- or, as Cindy Sheehan might say, "General BetrayUs!" -- in the newspaper today and, on its website, the full eight-page interview. Enjoy. The interview is especially worth reading.