April 12, 2008

Doug Feith on Diane Rehm

There is simply not enough booze in Abu Muqawama's apartment to get him through this interview on the Diane Rehm Show with Doug Feith. Compounding your blogger's misery is that fact that this guy's book is now #130 on Amazon.com.

Look, gang, Doug Feith's book has real historical value, no doubt, but you can check it out at the public library. If you're looking for a book to buy, buy one of these.

Oh Sweet Mary, Feith is now slagging off Colin Powell, accusing him of disloyalty to the president. Now that takes chutzpah. Because you know who didn't serve the president or his country well?

Doug Feith.

Diane Rehm -- she of the distinctive, quivering voice -- is losing her patience with Feith now, and we're only twenty minutes into the interview. Let's hope Feith doesn't find out she's Arab or things could get violent. (Although if they do, Abu Muqawama puts a fiver on Rehm to win by knock-out, and then we can all laugh about that time Feith got beaten up by an old Egyptian woman with spasmodic dysphonia.)

Update: In the 29th minute, some good old boy from Gadsden, Alabama called into the show and asked Feith a very good question about this document. Also, all the proceeds from Feith's book are apparently going to charity, so go ahead and buy it if you want to.