November 08, 2007

East Tennessee: Like The Middle East, But More Clannish And Violent, With Even More Gun-Toting Fundamentalists

This could become a regular feature, where Abu Muqawama just copies and pastes the crime bulletin from his hometown newspaper:

James Harper is facing aggravated assault charges after police said he slugged his brother in the head with a coffee pot.

In the incident on Rae Trail, Tedrick Harper said he and his brother got into a heated argument. He said his brother grabbed a coffee pot, intending to sling its contents on him.

He said James instead hit him in the head with the coffee pot with such force that it broke the pot.

Police said Tedrick Harper had lacerations to his right forehead and right jaw. He was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment and James was taken to jail.

* * *

Siblings also had trouble getting along on Woodland View Circle.

Rose King said her daughters got into an altercation over childrens' toys.

She said Tamara King left the house and soon returned with some Raid Ant & Roach Spray. She sprayed it into the face of sister, Amanda.

Amanda was treated at the scene by medics for burning to her eyes, nose and throat.

Tamara was charged with aggravated assault.