March 30, 2008

East Tennessee: Now 100% Anti-Mohammedan

Abu Muqawama was reading his hometown newspaper this afternoon and came across an email sent in from a local reader concerned about the Barack Obama candidacy:

The main reason I think he is by far the worst of the three front-runners is that I just can't get past his using the Koran for his swearing in ceremony. That's all the information I needed to know that he's not the candidate for me, nor for this country.

Genius. (Thankfully, a half dozen people immediately wrote in to correct this, one writing, "As for what book officials swear on it may as well be Sports Illustrated. Every corrupt official we've ever had swore on the Holy Bible to uphold his office.")

This amusing item was in the police blotter, though:

Police checked out "suspicious activity" on Executive Drive in front of Galen Medical.

A woman reported that a white male and white female were having sex in a red car. She said the female appeared to be on top.

No red car was in sight by the time police arrived.

Wouldn't you have loved to have been the police dispatcher receiving that call? Do you think the dispatcher was the one who demanded to know the specific position of the couple?