September 19, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan is officially over and the Muslim world is about to give thanks after a month of contemplation, temperance and the chance to be granted God's forgiveness.

Well actually....

Ramadan is just about over and no one can really decide what day Eid is on so various communities will hold it on different days and absolutely everyone will be very, very confused but give thanks for the chance to overdose on fried food and revisit long-running family arguments. 

But whatever day they do hold it on, Britain's streets will be full of young men and women of Pakistani descent melding their cultural backgrounds in one big celebration that encapsulates our country. 

That's right.. binge drinking and hooliganism - Eid style.


Apart from the opportunity to laugh at a drunk guy, the other point of this post is to ease us gently into the world of Pakistani dysfunction, which will be revisted in greater depth very shortly. Happy Eid!!