August 26, 2010

Embedded with the Taliban

Some Norwegian idiot journalist has embedded with the Taliban and shot this incredible footage of an attack on a U.S. or allied convoy. These guys sound and act a lot like a U.S. small unit, but replace all the quotes from "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights" with "Allahu Akbar." Oh, and they have much better hair (12:18). In fact, the David Allan Coe-looking dude with the argyle socks is my new favorite Talib. (h/t Intern Steve) Update: Gah, you guys have lost it. (See comments.) I obviously admire the journalism, I just strongly believe there is a thin line between "hardass" and "dumbass" and that this wildman might have crossed the line. I'm not making a political point. Goodness gracious, you guys are touchy. And quick to defend the intelligence of some dude who later got kidnapped by the Taliban. The only other person I know to have done something like this is Nir Rosen, who I like personally and whose work I admire ... and who I regularly accuse of being an idiot for stunts like this.