April 11, 2008

Equally Dangerous?

US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker says that Al Qaeda is more dangerous in Pakistan than Iraq, although it is dangerous everywhere.

Dana Perino, White House spokesperson says that instead Al Qaeda is just dangerous.

Hmmm, Al Qaeda collapsing the government of Pakistan might actually result in their attaining nuclear weapons, which was the main, failed reasoning behind entering Iraq.

If, with little or no contact between Iraq and al-Qaeda, the theoretical threat of the nexus of Al-Qaeda with a possibly nuclear-armed Iraq demanded a minimum $1 trillion effort to destroy and rebuild the Iraqi state, what kind of effort does the known connections between the Al-Qaeda supported Taliban in nuclear-armed Pakistan and elements of the Pakistani government demand?

Apparently, not so much as to even follow through with our relative pittance of pledged reconstruction dollars to stabilize and rebuild Afghanistan.