July 28, 2011

Events Around Town: Aum Shinrikyo and DOD Energy

We are over at the Willard InterContinental Hotel this
morning for the report launch of Aum Shinrikyo: Insights Into How Terrorists Develop Biological and
Chemical Weapons
The report, released yesterday, concludes a
multi-year effort by CNAS Chairman Richard Danzig and his colleagues (and my officemate Zack Hosford). The event
kicks off at 10:30 AM this morning in the Grand Ball Room.

And even though we are down
the street, we wanted to draw our readers’ attention to yesterday’s Capitol
Hill event, More
Fight, Less Fuel: The Defense Department's Deployment of Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy
, hosted by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. The
audio, including the question and answer session, is available here. Enjoy!