January 28, 2008

Everything Must Go!

Charlie doesn't know how many Quantico based Marines (or civilians) we have as readers, but you should all know about the fire sale going on over at the Marine Corps Association bookstore. All books are a dollar. A dollar!! Charlie may have purchased the last copy of TX Hammes' Sling and the Stone, but there's plenty more to choose from (including one from a certain blogger's alter ego).

Get thee to Mainside, Devil Dogs, and read up.

Update: While we're on the subject of books, some of you may not be based at Quantico but might be elsewhere in the DC area. Abu Muqawama checked out Second Story Books off of Dupont Circle (2000 P Street, to be exact) a few weeks ago and found a pretty great military history section and an equally-impressive Middle East section. He bought a copy of Jomini's The Art of War as well as a copy of Schiff and Ya'ari's classic Intifada. But the real find was Polk's The Opening of South Lebanon: 1788-1840.