May 19, 2009

Exclusive: JSOC Killed Benazir Bhutto! Uh...

Seymour Hersh, who has publicly distanced himself from the wack-job conspiracy theory -- promulgated by al-Manar and NewTV in Lebanon -- that the United States was behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri, has nonetheless opened a can of worms with his crazy conspiracy mongering about JSOC being an executive assassination squad headed by Dick Cheney. I blame him for all of this. The man just makes %$#@ up in his old age. Check out this article in the Pakistani newspaper The Nation.

The US journalist opined that it might have been done on purpose because the US leadership did not like to declare Usama dead for in the case the justification of the presence of US army in Afghanistan could no more be there, hence no reason for operation against Taliban.

On the other hand, the diplomatic analysts believe that BB murder is still a fable and it is for the reason Asif Zardari and other govt authorities are stressing UN probe in the murder case, also paying huge sums for it.

Another website has disclosed that Benazir was put to death in order to roll back Pakistan nuclear programme and the take over its nukes and India, Israel and the US, were making hectic efforts to deprive Pakistan of its atomic capability so as to bring to under their control.

Did Seymour Hersh teach these journalists the English language as well?

Update: Hersh says he was misquoted. Well, yes, but again, he opened this can of worms.