October 02, 2009

Exum and Yon on Afghanistan

A friend from Chattanooga pointed out that an interview with me has been published on the PBS website. If any of you were curious as to my thoughts on Afghanistan and counterinsurgency warfare in general, click here. (Kidding aside, as I read this interview a full month after I gave it, I realized that this is a pretty good distillation of the way in which I view the environment in Afghanistan and counterinsurgency more generally. Also, in the course of the interview, I said, “I think that you get what you pay for, and we haven't paid for a lot in Afghanistan.” I totally stole this line from my buddy Craig Mullaney, who almost certainly does not mind.)

If you're looking for someone else, though, read Michael Yon in the Washington Times. Michael has a real gift for explaining these wars, and that gift is enhanced by his own military experiences as well as the years he has spent in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.