January 25, 2010

From the Dept. of Further Reasons to Bang Your Head on Your Desk Repeatedly When Thinking About the Decision to Invade Iraq

This priceless email report is from Beirut-based Mitch Prothero, of The National:

The President of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council Sayyed Ammar Hakim visited the resting place of martyr Commander Hajj Imad Moghnieh, in Rawdat al-Shahidain cemetery. After placing a wreath of flowers at the martyr's shrine and reciting prayers for all the martyrs at the cemetery, he considered his presence "At this sacred place, a confirmation of solidarity, support and emotional interaction with the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance, who stood, fought, struggled and sacrificed a great deal for Lebanon, the Arabs and all Muslims, for the just cause in this region, manifested in standing up to the Zionist enemy."

Allow a friend of mine to put this in perspective: "So the guy we killed hundreds of thousands of people to put in power just prayed over the grave of the most efficient killer of Americans ever. I mean, other than the Wendy's triple decker bacon cheese burger."